that Was a close one. In Copenhagen, the Swiss national team to be sniffed indeed, the title of world champion. Only in the penalty, the team of Patrick Fischer had to shoot on the 20. May 2018 in the Final the Swedes defeated.

The Swiss were so close, if one thinks, for example, the Chance of NHL forward Kevin Fiala in overtime. It remained “only” silver, as five years earlier, in Stockholm under Sean Simpson, as this was still an incredible Sensation. And yet the national team had come in the dream of a world title once again a big step closer.

Fischer made the Gold-dream salon capable of

national team Coach Patrick Fischer has made the big Think. Who dreams of world championship Gold, is no longer held to be not sane. Meanwhile, the Swiss players speak without shame of it is that you want to win Gold. Not because they are big – lanes or out of touch with reality. But because they know what is possible when everything, absolutely everything, fits together.

“If we go to a tournament, we want to win,” says Fischer. “We know, however, that we have never won. The last step is Gold.”

The Zug-based Trainer knows that you should not make the last step before the next, if you don’t want to stumble. Therefore, he says: “We want to show good first seven games and us for the quarter-finals to qualify.”

the fall after the last world Cup-silver

A self-runner to be the group games for the Vice-champion of the world. As far as the absolute top Nations (Sweden, Canada, Russia, Finland, USA and the Czech Republic) are not the Swiss, despite the recent success. That is one of the Top 6 Teams missed the quarter-finals, since the turn of the Millennium only four times.

The Nati missed, however, come in the same period eight times. Also in 2014, in Minsk, in the year after the first silver-Coup.

From the 10. to 26. May is gagged in Slovakia to nothing Less than the world title. What is the Nati tears? Where will it be played? Who are the favorites? And how the Board looks?

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“pressure of expectation is on the rise. And that is a good thing”

are entitled in The hopes that it has now taken a further step forward, however. The key should be the first games against Italy, Latvia, Austria and Norway.

“I think at the last two world we have Championships against teams that are considered to be behind us, one of the eight Games lost: Against France in Paris – 3:4 after penalty shootout,” says Fischer. “By the by, did we solve these tasks well. In our Sport can happen in a Match. We already have many games in which we were better and lost. But the pressure of expectation is on the rise. And that is a good thing.”

Holds the Nati stand this pressure, can lead the Mission of the Gold to your destination. Especially after the slightly odd late cancellation by Dean Kukan with striker Sven Andrighetto (Colorado), a fifth NHL players the Team is likely to encounter.