Stars@Home from look TV bring you all home to you: On Wednesday, las comedian Peach Weber (67) his Kindermärli, later, Peter Reber (70) sang his dialect-Hits – and on Thursday, pop singer Linda Fäh (32) the mood in the place brought. “With all respect to the current crisis, I would like to give the people a joy and beautiful moments to share,” said the radiant singer. In Jeans and Sneakers, “maybe barefoot – the way I feel in my four walls” will you, in your open attic apartment in Samstagern the Best of three albums, ZH, present, and announced in advance. Linda Fäh also stressed that only the Band from the iPad. “I sing, of course, live.”

The Best of three albums,

The intimate part of the concert gave her the opportunity to present some of the ballads – for example, “The same way” from the current Album “heartbeat”. The song she has dedicated to a close friend, “I miss just and only Video can be seen. So how many other people that are close to my heart”. Linda Fäh want to cheer up, a little bit of hope in the Schweizer Stuben wear. Therefore, also, their song “You can fly not lacked” that appeals to the Positive in people. “It is important that you should look ahead and in yourself believe.”

Fäh exercises diligently guitar

their Songs presented on the bar stool sitting. And to crack it but also high and they began to dance. Fit enough it is Yes, because Linda keeps up with home training on their toes, if you are not exercising diligently guitar. Has not shown you the but. “I’m not ready yet,” she says jokingly. “I’m still learning. But if I have to stay home for long, then I can show in one of my next sofa concerts Yes, what I am capable of.”

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