hurrah, Switzerland summer! Even celebrities such as TV wife Monika Fasnacht (54), singer Fabienne Louves (33) or ice Princess Denise Biellmann (56) it attracts every year in the distance. There you experience not only Enjoyable. In the VIEW you betrayed your holiday Tops and Flops.

Louves (33)

“My absolute dream vacation I spent with my friend Luca this spring in Vietnam. We traveled across the whole country. It is very colorful, the Vietnamese are very warm and hospitable. As a traveler you can do a lot and barely have to pay something for it – a great overall package. I would recommend everyone to visit once in Vietnam.”

“Less nice stay ended in 2017 in Thailand. On the second to last day my friend had Luca and I have a Töffunfall. We were driving on a trip suddenly by another scooter, and rushed, and were then in shock. While Luca has only suffered slight abrasions, I broke my left clavicle – a very painful experience. Since then, I go abroad to control the scooter more and advise everyone to refrain from also. It is just too dangerous.”

Biellmann (56)

“Unforgettable my holiday stay in 1998 on the island of Tenerife. My companion and I had actually booked a normal room in the Hotel Jardin Tropical. When we arrived, we were led to the top floor in a Suite which included a large terrace with a sea view – a dream. The hotel Manager was a figure skating Fan, and gave us the best room in the house. Tenerife is, with its romantic hotel investments anyway one of my favorite vacation destinations, the weather is very stable and the food is good.”

“A true horror flight, I experienced in 1986 on the way to Mauritius. We flew with a French Charter airline. Of the flight, severe weather prevailed, and we had very strong turbulence, our machine was constantly shaken, fell from the Luggage racks parts fell down even. The machine was rather old and rather small, I was scared to death. The return flight we were rebooked on Swissair. I never would have risen more in a different plane.”

Monika Fasnacht (54)

“I advise everyone to visit South Africa. My husband Reto and I traveled in November 2016, three weeks from Cape town by car through the country. The area is gorgeous, the food is great, and the people are very friendly. You just have to avoid the dangerous areas.”

“horror holiday, I experienced about 15 years ago, as I Jasswoche to Malta organized. I met my guests at the airport and bought me something quickly in the Duty Free, where I was prompt for my ID are. As I stood with my team at the Gate, I no longer had my passport, and the airline personnel refused to give me the Boarding. All my Jass guests and my colleague had to finally leave without me, and I had to watch as they unloaded my red suitcase again. Fortunately, I was able the next day, when I had my badge, a replacement flight book.”

thanks (56)

“in 2007 I went with my family and friends in Botswana Safari holiday – what an experience! It was fantastic to see the animals so close, to stay in the Lodges, just gorgeous. My worst holiday experience I made there. We were on a Raft and went on a guided river cruise, as we went, suddenly, of a wounded hippopotamus over. The then came to the Bush out, and our guides were terrified, as much as we do. We were scared to death, it jumped up to luck, but on the other side.”

Sissing (40)

“a magical holiday, one I’ll never forget, I spent a Lucia in 2009, with Pirmin, who was then still my boyfriend, on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. One Evening we enjoyed a private dinner on the beach, Pirmin was a specially written song for me and made me a marriage proposal.”

“I was twelve years ago, in Egypt, and I experienced the worst stomach flu of my life. I had eaten something wrong and was able to leave the toilet any more. Finally, a doctor came to my room, put me a huge, painful shot. I was for days in the sun, could hardly eat anything, and still, months later, my stomach and my intestines were irritated.”

Furrer (82)

“I’m a man of the mountains, and my wife also loves to be in nature. In 2009, we spent our best holiday in Svalbard in Norway. It is one of the northernmost inhabited areas in the world. My wife and I were stopped by our Guides with snowmobiles to the mountains and stayed there in a large tent. Ten days we spent in absolute silence and seclusion, made a beautiful ski tours in the case of constant daylight, it was never night. An unforgettable experience.”

“The biggest holiday flop I experienced with my family 34 years ago in Sicily. My daughter Bettina was in the Teens, straw blond, had a good figure and that it was the young men constantly. First, I was proud of it, but the guys were so Intrusive that it was annoying and made me angry made.”