Ashley Young currently finds itself in the corona-closed Italy. Here is one thing come behind him, when he is acting in.

‘In Italy, it is surprisingly quiet to go in the supermarket,’ notes the English footballer.

On Twitter, he has shared his experiences of being in the country in the world that are hardest hit by the coronavirussen

‘No fighting about food, no empty shelves and no overfusninger of the staff for putting restrictions on the food and not for other reasons. And in almost all cases, only one person from each household, who shop,’ writes Ashley Young on the indkøbsturene.

There have been a couple of opposite scenarios in supermarkets elsewhere in the world, also in Denmark, as governments gradually have shut down for communities.

But not in the Milan area, where Ashley Young lives after his vinterskifte to the Italian team Inter. and despite the fact that Milan is located in the allerhårdest affected region, Lombardy. Follow B. T. s liveblog of coronavirussen here

‘To stand in the queue to get into a supermarket is now the standard, but it is not because of hoarding or greed. The supermarkets have limited the number of persons, there must be in the shops at a time, so is never crowded. So please wait and be patient, if your supermarket adopts it,’ says the footballer, who also reports to a customer in a supermarket in Italy are not allowed to put his goods on the indkøbsbåndet, before the previous customer has removed all his goods.

In Italy it is forbidden for italians to leave their homes except to shop or go to the pharmacy, and therefore stresses the Ashley Young the importance of being careful during your shopping trip.

‘Realistically represent the supermarket is now the biggest risk for the spread of the virus or even become infected. When I talk with family and friends at home sounds to be absolutely crazy to trade in. Remember, the shutdown means the shutdown,’ admonishes the player.

Ashley Young’s switch to Inter fell into place a short time before that, the Danish Christian Eriksen also switched to Inter.

Since it was not to much football before coronapandemien hit Europe. But the first in Italy which was the first league began to play without spectators and postpone matches.

Since the scattered mode to the rest of Europe, and it remains to be seen, when the various european leagues can be resumed and completed. This summer’s european championship finals, and the OLYMPICS have already been completely cancelled and pushed to next year.