He is the star photographer of the Stars: Harry Benson (89) is a living legend. Since Eisenhower, he has every US President was photographed with him in Hollywood sizes and from he held, but also the war in Bosnia, Somalia and Iraq. His best-known pictures of the Beatles, no other photographer, the Band came close to so. In 1964, he received the order to accompany her to America: “I’m with you on the first Tour and never returned,” said Benson. The Beatles were for in the Ticket in the USA, where he documented the unrest, the civil rights movement and the race.

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The Best arises from the Moment,

is Famous Benson for the naturalness of his shots, he mostly works without light, without Makeup and without the wizard. You must be at the right time and in the right place: “The best recordings to emerge from the Moment. You can’t stage.” His camera Benson always: “I am still a photojournalist in search of memorable moments.”