At the annual General meeting in Omaha in the US state of Nebraska on Saturday large crowds – tens of thousands of supporters prevailed, as every year came. To answer your questions, took the 88-year-old Buffett and his 95-year-old Deputy, Charlie Munger, about six hours time.

Berkshire Hathaway’s net income in the last quarter to 21.7 billion dollars. Buffett himself advises, however, to pay a lot of attention. Since the introduction of a new accounting method by which the market value of unrealised investment gains continuously recognized, varies the result of severe and is heavily distorted. So it had been here in the prior-year period, a loss of 1.1 billion dollars. In the previous quarter, the negative had to be even a enormous $ 25 billion.

For the visitors as the “Woodstock of capitalism” designated shareholders ‘ meeting of the star cult of stock market Guru Buffett is already more in the foreground than the figures. A number of shareholders make the pilgrimage each year to the colorful Goings-on in his home town of Omaha, where the corporate from Buffett’s conglomerate stalls with fair and memorabilia contribute to the big hype. Include the Berkshire Hathaway of the 90 companies, with the addition of various parcels of shares. Most recently Buffett’s company bought at Amazon.

As usual, Buffett and his Deputy took Munger a lot of time in a detailed question and answer session on the concerns of its shareholders. A topic about this break, given the high age of the Berkshire leaders especially the head: Who will succeed Buffett’s? Because of their instinct for lucrative investments, “the Oracle of Omaha” called an investment legend holding of this covered. However, the company had made with the transport Manager, Greg Abel and Ajit Jain to the Board of Directors some time ago the Soft.

Buffett cares not only at the annual General meeting to investors, in the first quarter, he spoiled them by rate support share repurchases to the value of 1.7 billion dollars. Actually, Buffett’s acquisitions, the many excess money of Berkshire Hathaway prefer to be in company. The end of the quarter, he sat on cash and cash equivalents of 114 billion dollars. Many shareholders cheer on a great Deal, Buffett finds, but there is currently no attractive companies that meet its price expectations.

finally, Berkshire Hathaway announced that, after all, to participate with tens of billions of dollars to Finance a possible Takeover of US oil group Anadarko Petroleum, the rival Occidental. The quarterly report from Buffett’s investment company, however, still a big question mark: the results of The struggling US food giant Kraft, Heinz are not yet available. Berkshire Hathaway holds around 27 percent of the group, which impacted the balance sheet in the previous quarter.