you have the fancy TV chef in the country: Meta Hiltebrand (36). For mother’s day from Zurich, stands with her mother, Gisela Hiltebrand (68) on the stove. Happily, the two chatting in the kitchen of Meta’s Restaurant, Le Chef, despite the lively conversation of each hand sits on the handle. There is no doubt: This mother-daughter Team is a good Team. “We get on well, although we both are in the kitchen, like the Chef,” says Meta Hiltebrand. “The last Time we fought, when I was in Teen age.” Mother Gisela, added: “it’s True. Meta has always been a lively mercury – as a teen, of course, is even more explosive than it is today.”

“With her I can talk about all the Sex,”

Hiltebrand your mother is the spitting image of: “I know how I will look when I am older, and think it’s awesome. I have a nice mommy!” These have inherited more than just the visual Similarity: “From her I have the social skills and the love of the people”, declared Meta. “My father on the other hand, I have the discipline and the ambition.” With her mother, she could talk about everything: “Sex, output, Job … mommy is my best friend.” Gisela Hiltebrand: “I am open and curious, and Meta-estimates the very.”

compliments for the cool mommy

Once in the year, the two travel together in the holidays. “Mostly Meta picks the destination, I’ll walk with you anywhere,” says Gisela. “I want to be able to make, especially baden and Party,” says the daughter. Also, since your mother is here, and steal her sometimes, even the Show. “In the Disco Strangers come up then all of a sudden on me and make me compliments for my cool mommy”, so Meta. “Then I’m not for a Moment only the proud daughter.”

Lachstataki on an edge of the risotto with a wasabi cream cheese mousse with watercress


1 onion, garnish (for 4 people) chopped

beetroot 250 g, cut into cubes

olive oil

350 g risotto rice

250 ml white wine

250 g vegetable broth

400 ml, edge juice

2 tablespoons whipped cream or Mascarpone cheese

50 g of grated Gruyère or Sbrinz

salt, Pepper and honey

the onions and the edge of the cube in the olive oil until tender, the risotto rice and continue to braise until the rice is nice and glassy, with white wine and vegetable stock. Stirring up the edge of the juice to be, least of all with beaten cream, grated cheese and some salt, pepper and honey to taste.

Lachstataki :

500 g Salmon royal

sesame oil

soy sauce

Ground pepper

The salmon, in oblong pieces, with a bit of soy sauce, sesame oil and pepper marinate, then with the Bunsen burner on each side short, so that it remains raw inside and the outside, slightly cooked is flaming. Wrap In foil and allow to cool.

Wasabi-cream cheese mousse

200 g cream cheese

1/2 Tube wasabi paste


mix cream cheese with Wasabi and put in a piping bag.

Risotto in the middle of the plate, it is a bit of watercress, sprinkle. The Tataki, cut into cubes and drape, most recently a couple of cream cheese mousse-points, and serve immediately.