Hierarchical structures for centuries, the life in many societies. Few Powerful to have in it the command to power on the Weaker. That this Form of living together is not more timely, says brain researcher Gerald Hüther.

Quite the contrary.

He even observed a dissolution of these structures. The stirring, therefore, that the world will always be more complex and, therefore, with the long-established hierarchy is no longer controllable is.

A good example of this is the social media, according to the scientists. Facebook, Twitter and co.: this is Where all the people meet at eye level. The “You” is quite normal rules of politeness can hardly find application. The Americans did not flinch once in front of it, to insult your own President in his Twitter profile. An act that would have been punished a few years ago with death – and it would, in some countries, even today.

this Is the modern way of exercising power?

“is Today no longer an Individual, but Many. Large corporations such as Facebook, this could be the modern type of the exercise of power,“ explains Hüther in an interview with FOCUS Online. Social media might be right for him to exercise that extreme Power over us, without that we notice it at all. Their Trick was “seduction” – this is according to the researcher, the modern counterpart to the suppression.

“One of the is suppressed, the notes at least, what happened to him. But one that was seduced, the follows you everywhere – to remember without ever, that he is acting from his own will,“ explains Hüther. People allowed themselves to be seduced by offers of what you have always wanted – and then be lead – and blendbar.

But what it actually means, “to seduce”? And why should that be for social media is so easy? “Man is a social being,” Hüther says, “He can’t exist without other people”.

In every human being two basic needs: you snooze, according to him, The need for connectedness and the need for autonomy, i.e. freedom. , And these instincts, so Hüther, were any people in the world.

basic need 1: connectedness

“We develop these two basic needs in the womb”, from holt huether. Accordingly, we develop the need for connectedness in that we are already connected in the belly of the mother to fully with your body: We hear them speak, take their heartbeat and know that she is always there. A Baby comes into the world, it expects this condition to continue, that there is someone that is always there. It developed a “longing”, a “homesick”. This need not take the people, according to Hüther, to – to old age, it determine our need for structure.

basic need 2: autonomy

Similarly, the need for autonomy, let explain: In the womb, a fetus grows constantly learning, is Autonomous. So Autonomous, that he can leave at the end of even the belly of the mother and live independently. In the course of life people perceive this need as a need for creativity and self-realization. You will feel “itchy feet,” explains Hüther. To develop book recommendation

“How dreams come true” by Gerald Hüther

about The book

a child comes with both the needs of the world and is held back by the world, you

Now, the Unborn child has developed these two basic needs, comes to the world and wants to unfold and ends up in the already prefabricated structures of our world. To pacify his need for connectedness, so to be a part of, “mom wants me to have, after all, love”, as Hüther puts it, it must be able to bend the structures subordinate to, and in, become involved. “It is involved with other and with themselves, and as a result, it is a part of the system. It is one of these, but it is just as involved as all of the other“. At this point, explains Hüther, it is necessary to develop””. For it is only when you have freed himself from the entanglements, one could develop more and be happy.

That the concepts of home and Wanderlust include a pain term, the “Hurt”, which according to Hüther no coincidence: You can see in the brain scan, if the needs are not satisfied, and exactly where pain is localized.

“The brain so it is equally important that in the body all fits together, how it’s important to him is that in the social sphere, everything is in order,” explains the brain researcher. The confirm once again that man is a social being: “Just as we need a body, we also need the other”. The glorification of individualism was, according to him, an ideology which has been widely used, the use of the company’s growth.

basic needs of all peoples of the world

The pursuit of fulfillment of these two needs could be watching, according to Hüther in the world: “basically, it’s the same everywhere,” he says. The various countries of the world have developed different ways to achieve this.

In most of the countries have established, however, hierarchical structures, which, according to the expert automatically mean that people feel as objects. The resulting in turn, in pain, “Hurt” and people are trying to find substitute satisfactions. This could be the fear of God as well as the pursuit of wealth or Power.

From pre-structures the people can be free, according to Hüther only by recognising your own Dignity: “Someone who is aware of his own Would be aware, is not seducible. And the object,“ explains Hüther. And much more important: “He is not also other to his objects, because that would be beneath his Dignity”. As you do that, you can read about in our last conversation with Gerald Hüther.

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