not Sitting in the SP-Senate Roberto Zanetti (64) during the Session, in the Council of States room, one finds him often in the Smoking room or on the balcony of the Federal building again with a cigarette in his mouth.

The Solothurn belongs to the smokers group. And so flocked to the comrade 2011 smoke-councillor colleagues behind to draw for the exemption of E-cigarettes from the tobacco tax into the field – from health to political reasons.

smokers as “true experts”

Zanetti was clear: When it comes to Smoking cessation, “the smokers are the real experts”. The E-cigarette he judged as “not a real cigarette” and simply as “effective exit tool”. The should not be punished fiscally.

stands – and the national Council were called Zanetti’s Motion, in the same year, and in 2012-exempt the Federal Council of E-cigarettes from the tobacco tax. 200’000 Swiss francs to the Federal government annually flutes.

Ständeräte call for E-Cigarette-tax

to change now. The stand ätliche health Commission does not want to, namely, advertising and sponsorship rules for tobacco products exacerbate (LOOK told). She used the discussion about the new tobacco product act to a Committee motion, the E-cigarette demand, taxation. However, these should be taxed according to its risk profile is lower.

“We propose a differentiated regime, because of E-cigarettes are a lower health risk,” says Commission President and the FDP Council of States Joachim Eder (67, ZG) to VIEW. “Traditional cigarettes have a higher potential for dependence.”

various options are possible: “The tax could be levied on the devices and/or liquids,” says Eder. He preferred to choose the liquid as a starting point for the tax. “This is because many of the pollutants from the heating of the liquid.” The more liquid will evaporate, the higher the amount of produced pollutants, was.

tax dispute in the Federal house,

The new Council of States, a course is equivalent to a u-turn. In the Parliament of the tax dispute is programmed already. Opposition comes from the commercial Director and the FDP-Nationalrat Hans-Ulrich Bigler (61, ZH), leader of the Alliance of business for a moderate prevention policy.

The industrial Association “is in principle subject to an additional tax burden on the SMEs,” says Bigler. Cigarette substitutes like E-Cigs were “in the context of an effective risk reduction policy and should not be additional financial burdens on disabled”.

E-cigarettes could help Smokers to stop Smoking, is Bigler is convinced. “The introduction of a tobacco tax on products that help smokers to free themselves from their dependence on tobacco, undermining the coherence of the state policy in this area.”

opponents of Tobacco do not want to give high control

The opponents of Tobacco, in turn, want with a to tabs tobacco tax Regime is satisfied. “All tobacco products and E-cigarettes it applies a tax on high-to be the best,” says Wolfgang Kweitel of the Swiss Association for Smoking prevention. “This is because a high price reduces consumption, especially among young people.”

An increase in the tobacco tax “big steps” is one of the most effective measures for tobacco prevention. He signaled but contrary to come: “Certain shades of the tobacco are expensive to imagine.” This should not be too large.

Today, this was not the case: the tobacco tax is a proportion of a cigarette packet à 8.60 CHF 52.5 per cent, in the case of tobacco products for Heating by 12 per cent, in the case of oral tobacco 6 per cent, and in the case of E-cigarettes to 0 percent. “This is clearly a big difference,” said Kweitel.

he Also wants to have a discussion on whether the current levy should be extended in favour of the tobacco prevention by 0.3 per cent on cigarettes, other new tobacco products.

Zanetti: Saul to Paul,

And what tax deliverer and a lot of smokers Zanetti to the whole debate says? He is now, he is mutated from Saul to Paul!

“Today, I would not submit my proposal,” he says. “At the time, I E-cigarettes as an exit aid is considered. Today, I see it more as a means of entry into the tobacco addiction, especially for young people.”

For him, therefore, is clear: “A stricter regulation for E-cigarettes makes sense, this is also a reasonable taxation belongs.”