The 34-Year-old Wawrinka has been posting on Instagram a photo of himself sitting in a private jet and smiling on a plate full of burgers looks amazing. With the comment “If not a cheat day but a cheat week is…!” he points to the fact that he will not feed in the next couple of days might not really be healthy.

In the Hashtags Wawrinka after and says, “burgers are life.” But if he eats the actually all of the itself leaves it open. Instead, he called in another of the Hashtag as a “fat Stan”. Stan and dick? Because he exaggerates immensely! Because on his next Post he shows how fit he is.

Actually, it’s the bottle of Rosé, from the he allows himself a SIP. Rather, the impressive six-pack but, the the Romand presents at the same time. At the latest at the sight of clearly is, even if Stan is jealous of in the next few days, one or other of the Burger, not too “fatty, Stan,” he determined. On the Tennis Court, go for Wawrinka, starting in August, when the North America-pending Tour. (bir)

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