control erreform and AHV financing ( STAF ) is Switzerland’s controversial tax privileges to foreign pressure. the other Let us a Yes then?

Yes, at least for a few years. The instruments which replace the frowned-upon tax privileges that are currently accepted internationally. But the direction is clear: Both the EU and the Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD) to take the companies more opportunities to Profit shifting and tax loopholes to plug. Next year, the OECD will review its Standards. In the longer term, much deeper reforms are still pending. This means that Switzerland must get back on the books.

tax-saving instruments the really is no back door?

The opponents of tax reform, many say: But, even. An example: The interest-adjusted profit tax was one of the reasons why the Left in 2017, took the Referendum against the corporate tax reform III. The construct provided, that the company may make a notional deduction on “excess” equity claims. The benefit of international corporations, by locating in Switzerland, a group’s internal Bank, the foreign profits move and so neat save on taxes. Because of the massive criticism in the USR III, the Instrument was deleted – well, almost. “Lex Zurich” has survived. The cantons are allowed to implement the tool, if your regular income taxes over 18,03 percent. Currently, this is only for Zurich attractive. But Finance Minister Ueli Maurer, (68) assumes that after a successful vote for new start-UPS will be to reduce the hurdles and the interest-adjusted profit tax on other cantons.

Official information about the impact of a no vote on companies, there is not. The Federal government assumes, however, that corporations could leave Switzerland. Especially, as a Mason, because a two-time rejection weakens the confidence of the economy in the location Switzerland. The opponents of the STAF emphasize, however, that Switzerland, for “valuable” companies are not only looking for low taxes, but also create jobs, have enough trumps in Hand: safety, infrastructure, the high level of education, for example.

This is to be expected. Recently the medical technology, announced the companies Ypsomed to relocate 110 jobs from the Canton of Bern and Solothurn. A role was also played by taxes: In Bern, a tax cut for business was a failure before the people of Solothurn to send on the other hand, his corporate tax cut from 21.4 to 13.1 percent. That is, it could come about in the neighbouring Canton of Aargau in Zugzwang and his taxes also do not lower, even if he’s up to until now. However, tax cuts are well thought out. Because they have an impact on the financial balance between the cantons. Depending on the strategy a tax cut to the Canton of tax.

Yes, the Two-billion Boon to the AHV gives us around five years time for further pension reforms. Without this, the sum of the AHV funds would be in the year 2030, empty, with the Boost until 2035. However, this does not mean that you can push reforms on the long Bank. Because even if the AHV-Fund falls below 50 percent, it can lead to liquidity shortages.

The increase in women’s pension age to 65 years, there is still need to renovate the AHV. Federal councillor Alain Berset (46) has announced its message on August. Another question is whether a General pension increase to 66 or 67 years is necessary. Because the AHV has to worry mainly about money, because currently, the Generation of the baby will be retired boomers. Therefore, the number of new pensioners per year, until 2036, after which it decreases again. This Argument is try the Left, if it goes in a couple of years to increase the retirement age for all. However, baby Boomer or not – what will not disappear again, is the increase in life expectancy. Pensions must now be no longer paid, so it needs more money.

This ballot is considered to be the most important vote of the last years and is equally controversial: The AHV-fiscal-Deal – short-STAF – linked to two important and by the people sunk reforms: corporate-tax Reform (USR III), and the retirement by 2020. Federal President Ueli Maurer (68) fights for the template. In the Live Talk, he turns on Wednesday, may 8. In may, the critical questions of the chief editor of the Blick group, Christian Dorians, and the LOOK policy boss Sermîn Faki. You can Talk from 9.30 am live on track and Maurer even holes: ask your questions to the STAF in the readers ‘ comment column, or in the SIGHT-Feed on Facebook.