In just under four weeks, we will be voting on the OASI-tax-Deal. For some, the STAF-called template solves two pressing problems: you first, the internationally frowned-upon tax regime for Holding companies, and provides secondly, the gorges AHV additional financing.

Other interfere with just in the link between two topics that have nothing to do with each other: taxes and AHV. This amounts to an “extortion attempt”, complained especially of the GLP. “So, we prevent the genuine expression of the Swiss population”, argues about group boss, Tiana Angelina Moser (40). Because the voting public could not comment individually to the subjects. This Argument sought “Arena”-trainer Jonas Projer (37): Minutes, had to comment Federal President Ueli Maurer (68) to the link.

in 1993, there was a similar horse-trading

Projer and Moser are not alone: Also the voting public to disturb the horse-trading. According to SRG’s survey, the Association of the two themes is an effective Argument against the Reform. No wonder, writes GLP-Vice-President Pascal Vuichard (29): “The link is unique, and is an Affront to the direct democracy.”

Here, however, is mistaken Vuichard and co. 26 years ago, It is just once, as the voting citizens were faced with a similar situation: at the time of the vote in 1993 on the introduction of the VAT. At the time, it was in the x-to replace the th attempt, the turnover tax from the Second world war by the unpopular value-added tax. The winners are the companies that have been less asked to pay. The bill paid by the consumer, because the VAT substances to services as well as fuel and electricity was due.

premium subsidies as a “social compensation”

Therefore, one handle – the STAF to a “social compensation”, as it says in the voting booklet of 1993: “that’s Why five percent of the tax income will be used specifically to reduce the cost of health insurance premiums of lower-income groups.”

tax relief for company – subsidized Premiums for low-income earners: it was the horse-trading of 1993. Only: Neither in the Parliament nor in the vote fight, this Association played a role. And, ultimately, the premiums tax was adopted to Deal with 66.7 percent.

Switzerland will vote in may on two templates. VIEW explains what it is exactly.

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