According to Mason, it is on the one hand, a positive Signal in the direction of Brussels. There, you’ll take note that the Swiss sometimes need a little longer, but in the end it is quite pragmatic to Decide cases, he said.

Satisfied the Minister of Finance of masons showed up on the other hand, the fact that the link between corporate tax reform and social security financing, the template apparently didn’t hurt. For the population of the unit of matter is given, if both sides received something, he said.

For Switzerland as a business location, the vote was an important Signal. You mean security for business, security jobs and security for the AHV.

Switzerland is to remain internationally competitive, said Minister of social Affairs Alain Berset. In addition, the AHV get from next year to 2 billion Swiss francs in addition. A Reform of the social insurance is still necessary. By 2030, a total of 23 billion francs, missing, according to Berset in the Fund of the AHV.

A Reform proposal to present to the Federal Council in August. In the process he had proposed to increase the VAT by 1.5 percentage points. After the ‘ Yes ‘ to the Staf of 0.7 percentage points. The template will now be adjusted, said Berset.