The Capricorn to leap: The Rhaetian railway (RhB), and Stadler presented today to the guests and to the Public their new train with the name “Capricorn”. The Premiere in Altenrhein SG was dramatically staged with the mist. The CEO of Stadler and RhB, Thomas Ahlburg and Renato Fasciati, cut through following the first Roll-Out of a red Band.

RhB has ordered a total of 36 four-car trains from Stadler. These provide 164 seats, including 35 in the 1. Class. It is the largest procurement ever for the rail operator from the Grisons. The value of the contract and the cost of the RhB: 361 million francs.

split and merge wants to provide, according to CEO Fasciati with the new trains, the passengers more comfort, and the railway companies more productive. The rolling stock is modern and accessible to the disabled. Three of the four cars are low-floor accessible. Also, the historically high value of the contract make the new “ibex” to the milestone.

The new cars have a big advantage: It is the wing trains. These can be separated to different Enddestinationen and on the way back also put together. A half hour in one-lane routes. In late autumn, the first trains will start operating. First on the route Landquart-Davos-Filisur. Two years later, the Start of the wing has to be used from landquart to Klosters–Davos and St. Moritz is provided.

what’s next for the Stadler share?

voltage was today announced on the stock exchange. After the dream start on Friday when the IPO must prove Stadler today. So well it didn’t work: The title is lost until closing almost 1.9 percent of the market, in contrast, was 0.7 per cent in the Plus. (jfr)