In the comparison group, where the USA is by far the largest market, and Switzerland on place 7, the pension assets of 3.3 percent is estimated to 40.1 trillion US dollars. In this country, the assets fell in the second column with 2.3 percent less. They were at the end of the year, a total of 893 billion dollars, as it is called in the on Monday published study.

Although the local funds have put their assets in the last years increasingly into riskier investments such as equities, but the extensive investments in real estate were an important support, writes tower Willi Watson. This is especially in the weaker System.

Switzerland is resistant to the crisis

the World had been to 2018 in the last 20 years, the third-worst year for investments, more say it in the study. The statistics also shows that the assets are to grow in the last five years to an average of 2.5 percent per year. The most part of China with an annual increase of 15 percent, while the United States achieved an increase of 4.0 percent, and the Switzerland of 2.0 percent.

The Swiss pension system is more crisis-resistant than those of other States, continues to tower Willi Watson. The pension assets are accounted for at the end of 2018, as measured by the gross domestic product (GDP) of 126 percent of economic output. Only the Netherlands and Australia have, in this respect, with 167, or 131 percent higher values. (SDA)