Daniel Lopar has made more than twice as many games for St. Gallen as the long abroad Tranquillo employees Barnetta: But during the withdrawing Ex-Nati-Star in the last home match with a lot of emotions and actions is celebrated, seems Lopars to be the farewell had been forgotten.

“Quillo and his career deserved such a farewell in the last home match absolutely, that is why this is perfect for me. The Fans have given me a very nice farewell,” says Lopar, since it was one and a half years ago, Dejan Stojanovic, only the number 2.

Officially, the aspen is called legend, only before kick-off in the number of players that leave the club. After 299 Games in twelve years, Lopar changes in spite of Treaty by 2020 through the back door to Australia. The Deal is on the day of the last home game fix.

“I thought: “are you Serious?””

“I feel very connected to the club,” says the Keeper on the FCSG, “I had until two months ago no thought of leaving. When I first heard of Australia, I thought: “are you Serious?” But then, it is rapidly become more concrete.”

At the other end of the world Lopar is the future in goal for the Western Sydney Wanderers, who are coached by Ex-Lucerne-coach Markus Babbel and where Pirmin Schwegler changes. Lopar: “I’m still healthy, I get up in the Morning without pain. Now I want to know it again!”

he Escapes from the Kybunpark, because the re-conquest of the number 1 was hopeless? “On the basis of this season it would have been difficult. This was also a reason. I needed a new challenge.”

another: The desire for adventure and the privilege of living abroad for a long time – perhaps partly inspired by Barnett, the raves of his time in Philadelphia. In Lopar, it means now Down Under instead of the USA. “It’s the perfect Moment, a new country and a new culture is to get to know. Our daughter is not yet enrolled in school, it now fits easily. We are very happy!”, Lopar says.