A 78-year-old priest from the diocese of St. Gallen has needs in the years 1987 to 1996, a minor boy sexually assaulted. Only decades later, the victim reported. The Bishop has now refunded against the perpetrator of the offence.

Bishop Markus Büchel had been told in April by the expert Committee for the sexual Assault of the diocese of the crime and immediately display in the office of the public Prosecutor be refunded, say it in a message to the diocese from Wednesday. “This can although the act is time-barred and, as such, no more court to be prosecuted.”

at the same time the Bishop had filed a complaint in Rome, where a Church legal process has been opened, due to the fact performing well, according to Church law a criminal Offence. The victim was at the time of its first acts was 13 years old. The priest has admitted the former sexual Assault against the now-46-year-old man.

Of the pastoral activity released

There have been reported no further victims. The retired priest who helped up last April on a regular basis in the Region, Goldach, SG, was prohibited from any pastoral activity. “He regrets his Actions deeply”, it says. Up to the date of the notification by the expert panel there have been no signs of misconduct by the priest.

The victim is supported on the tray body, and further accompanied. Bishop Markus Büchel has spoken in the past few weeks with him personally. “The Bishop is deeply concerned about the abuse by a priest from the diocese of St. Gallen. He asked the victim as a representative of the Church to forgive me.”

In the diocese of St. Gallen, has been working since 2002, a disciplinary panel against sexual Assault, to which victims can turn to. Based on a protection concept is. Particularly in the areas of prevention and awareness-raising continuously measures would be implemented, it is said in the Communiqué. (SDA)