In July 2018, there was a bus to the St. Gallen transport companies have a Problem with a non-functioning door. The Chauffeur got out at a stop and want to close from the outside. The unsecured Bus, including passport sat act, on the slope of the road in movement. Three of the passengers got scared and jumped through the open door of the Bus. In the process, they injured easily.

The driver ran after the vehicle and he managed to pull through the open window, the Parking brake and stop the Bus. The public Prosecutor accused him, among other things, that he had not called the police, although there had been injured. Because of the violation of traffic rules, as well as due to the obligation of anticompetitive behavior in case of an accident, you sentenced him by the order of punishment to a fine of 400 Swiss francs. The Chauffeur accepted the punishment.

In the hearing before the district court, it turned out quickly that the man took the blame for the rolling Bus and the consequences. He would have had to pull in front of the Off the Parking brake, he admitted. However, he denied that he himself would have had to call the police. He’s not about money, but about justice, he said.

At the transport, there is a check list of how the drivers had the same behaviour in the case of an accident, operated the defender said. First of all, the vehicle had to be backed up, then you should get the driver a Overview, and then the monitoring station to inform them. Just as his client had acted. In the Central everything should have been Necessary causes, noted the defender. Actually was offered an ambulance up, but not the police

saw Similar to this saw after a short consultation the judges. The Chauffeur was acquitted of the duty of anticompetitive behavior in the case of an accident and the buses on 200 Swiss francs halved. The state pays half the costs of the proceedings.

You could be glad that not more had happened, the judge said. The Bus would have been able to win on the road very quickly. The driver was to blame for the negligence to have the vehicle secured. He was, therefore, the violation of traffic rules guilty. After that, he can be confident that the monitoring station will call the police. But this was not done, stated the judge. (SDA)