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Karl M. read, spends most of her time in the kitchen, then he needs to heat only a room. He is also, with its 96 years. Three times on the day of the care service. If someone rings the door, throws the keys from the kitchen window on the first floor, then he has to climb stairs. But the other day he made an exception and is left, as it had invited the gentlemen from Fretterode.

you have him picked up with the car, in lower Saxony, Nordstemmen, and drove with him in a small village in the Thuringian Eichsfeld. There is the well known neo-Nazi and NPD has held a Federal Deputy, Thorsten Heise, a property, on which he regularly comradeship evenings. On 8. November he invited us to a “witness talk”. Around 100 neo-Nazis from all over Germany came to Karl M. listen. Because M. is a former SS man, was a member of the SS Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler and later Unterscharführer in the 12. SS-armored division Hitler youth. “The place was jam Packed in there,” says M. “Now, you all come, but at a time when you wanted to bust me, no one was there.”

at the time, m refers to the time after the Second world war. As a French men like him were seeking to accuse and to condemn him to death. So it is in the judgment of a French court in Lille, the 2. August 1949, was like. Was convicted of m. for complicity in a massacre. Since he was in Germany and the Federal Republic turned him in, was enforced, the judgment is never full.

The process had as a result of: Karl M. is a war criminal. He has been complicit in what happened five years ago in the small French village of Ascq, near Lille, in the night of 1. on the 2. April 1944.

Karl m. in an SS Uniform © ARD Panorama

This night changed the life of Rolande Bonte, born Couque, for always. She was then ten years old, today she is 85. “I was asleep in my room, I suddenly heard noise from the stairs,” she says, and shows with the Hand to the staircase. She still lives in her parents ‘ house. “I heard the heavy boots up to March – boom, boom, boom and I thought up in my bed: What is it? What is it?”

Rolande Bonte lives in the street at the train station, directly opposite of the tracks. There was derailed that night in April 1944 a train. Resistance fighters sabotaged a tank platoon of the SS. Including about 400 SS-men of the 12 sat. Division Hitler youth, the Division of Unterscharführer Karl M., then 21 years old.

Also he still vividly remembers that day. As the armored division of Belgium should be laid in the Normandy and your train close to the border, Ascq suddenly no longer progressing. No one had come to harm, so it is in the SS report: three of the derailed goods wagons, with a flat armored-tire, a busted transport gear. However, the company commander, Obersturmführer Walter Hauck, was raging. “Then the boss said: Take a couple of man, and bring me the people,” says M. The command was: “Take the men and clear the road. Young boys, bring them. A it will be been.”

these SS-men, Rolande heard in their cot up the stairs rumble. “Then you came in to our room. You have pulled away all the blankets, to see if there’s a man asleep. But they found only me and my two little brothers, so they are subtracted again.” What knew not the small Rolande: The Germans also went into the parents bedroom and took her father. Clovis Couque, railwayman, 31 years of age.

The SS-men drove him and dozens of other villagers to the station. All of them unarmed civilians, between 15 and 75 years old. Many of them had no time to get dressed. At the station the men had tried to flee, therefore the SS-men shot them. “Yes, what should I do?”, Karl M asking.. “If I arretiere you, then you should stay until it is abgedonnert and if you want to run away, then I have to shoot as guards. And when I meet you, you’re out of luck.” This is his truth. The French judges saw but, in fact, a bloody massacre.