Because the city of Zurich needs a place for kindergartens, schools and affordable housing, cared for a plot of land of the Swiss Radio and television company. The SRG gave but the insurance group Swiss Life award (SonntagsBlick reported).

Now it shows: The SRG has to pay for your seat for decades on a plot of land in Zurich, which belongs to the city – and without paying for it! Sunday view is a document from 1962, which stated: “With the Swiss Radio and television company completed a construction contract for a period of 75 years. The city of Zurich waives a ground of interest for the country in the Leutschenbach.”

of Zurich, the guest right is not honored by SRG

in 1963, the voting public took this proposal to the city Council, in 1966, the building was completed the contract. Since then, the SRG is found for free on the Site in the Leutschenbach. Here is also the SRF Studio, where until today, the programmes of Swiss television will be produced.

This was the SRG officers and of the city known as the sale of the property to the Hagenholzstrasse was discussed. “That was discussed,” confirms Kuno Gurtner from the city of Zurich, real estate management.

But why the large was quickly guest is not granted to be rewarded right? The SRG is tight-lipped: “real estate sales follow a clearly structured process,” according to spokesperson Edi estermann.

the contract runs until 2041

The town holds back in turn with public criticism: “It is not our place to comment on the sale decision by the SRG.”

With an immediate tit-for-tat of the city, the SRG does not need to be expected anyway: The interest-free building law the contract will run until 2041.