In the European elections a green wave flooded the continent. In Switzerland, a record is waving the Green high: In the national elections in October, the party could crack for the first time, the 10-percent hurdle! The latest SRG-election barometer, the Greens at 10.1 percent – a healthy increase of 3 percent compared to the elections in 2015.

compared to The last election barometer in February the Eco-party to submit again, and would in order to the big winner. The Green of the CVP in the neck, with 10.6 per cent, only half a percentage point ahead.

“It is a pleasing confirmation of the long-standing, competent work of the Green climate protection and the social balance in this country,” commented party leader Regula Rytz (57) the result. “We have used consistently for climate justice, as it was for many of the parties no issue.”

Not only is the Green benefit from the green wave, but also the green liberals. They could not improve further, but with 6.4 percent, still nearly two percent in the Plus.

Breathe a sigh of relief at the SP

also, the SP can Breathe a sigh of relief. Because while the green gains in Europe were in many places at the expense of the Comrades, to remain the socialists in this country largely stable. What is striking In the German part of Switzerland, the Red to put in the Romandie you lose.

Overall, makes the left-green camp about three percent of forward. As much as since 2003 – and for Swiss conditions, a veritable left-slip. SP chief Christian Levrat (48) comes closer to his goal of breaking the SVP-FDP-majority in the national Council, a major step. The majority of the Bourgeois of 101 of the 200 Seats, is in acute danger.

damper for the FDP

their goal from the eyes of the FDP, loses, meanwhile: “We want to overtake the SP,” was the battle cry of party leader Petra Gössi (43). In the election barometer in February of this goal was still to reach layers of SP and FDP, there on par.

has rotated in the meantime the Wind. While the SP was able to rise again, experienced the FDP, currently with only 16.2 per cent a damper. The free Democrat yaw-rates in climate policy is not approved of by the voters obviously.

“It’s a snapshot, in which the green parties are strengthened because of the people, the environment and climate issue has become very important,” says Gössi. The Barometer clearly shows that the liberals need for action in the climate and the environment have policy. “So we are on the right track, by, we have developed a paper outlining the way of a liberal’s climate policy”, so Gössi. “This strengthening in the Romandie already in place and will also act in the German part of Switzerland.” In fact, the FDP in the Romandie forward, while she loses in the German part of Switzerland.

The goal is to overtake the SP, holds Gössi. “It was always clear that an election victory will not fall in your Lap, but has to be worked hard,” she says. As a small consolation to her, “the other bourgeois parties have lost a lot more”.


in fact, the Bourgeois are the losers on the street. All the SVP. Your downward trend continues. In the meantime, the Minus amounted to almost 3 percent. However, the party of Albert Rösti (51) remains with 26.5 per cent, still by far the strongest force.

On the losses in October have to make the two centrist parties CVP and BDP taken. A particularly drastic it is, however, for the BDP, which threatens to fall even below three percent – however, you should still stay with the faction strength in the national Council represented.

climate, health insurance and Europe dominate the

has to do with the Left gaining and the rights, with the dominant themes to. At the top of the Problem list, the health insurance premiums and the climate change. Also, the Europe question is ranked on the podium, has lost in comparison to February, when the Voters but more explosive. The typical SVP-issues of immigration and sovereignty, continue to lose importance.

the discussions around the woman’s strike from 14 beat. June in the election barometer low: The theme has won a position to Shine.

The current electoral barometer is based on a survey, which the research centre Sotomo on behalf of the Swiss Radio and television company (SRG) between the 17. and 27. May has performed at 10’388 Voters. The sampling error is +/- 1.5 percentage points.