the protection of the environment is on everyone’s lips. At the latest since the last national Council elections is: The Switzerland for a lot of green.

Also, the SRF wants to reduce its ecological footprint, now. Together with the Swiss climate protection Foundation Myclimate and production company: Zodiac Pictures AG, the Swiss television wants to ensure that the forthcoming Zurich “crime scene” is green. This is the SRF, writes in a media release.

Specifically, I have analyzed Myclimate the “CO2 emissions contribution processes” in a SRF rotating. The result of the evaluated data was a “list of recommendations with measures to reduce CO2-emissions”. These measures should now be the new “crime scene” was implemented.

“has Me startled a study from America”

The idea of a greener Rundowns have Urs Fitze (61), head of fiction, SRF, from the USA: “I was startled by a study from America, stating that the Film and television industry is in the Region of Los Angeles, the second largest environmental polluter. Only the regional oil Refineries emit more pollutants.”

the measures would the SRF to ensure that the whole of the Swiss film scene is ecological. (klm)