For animal films, he is at the SRF, the best horse in the stable: Since 1989, TV-biologist Andreas Moser (62) goes to the programme “network nature” with his Team on the trail of Flora and Fauna in Switzerland, and may attack before that, each, strong, and Moneybox: 238’000 Swiss francs is the cost each of the 51-minute shows, the power per year, and four films of close to a Million franc Budget.

A comparison with the published this week the shipment costs for the year 2018 from the division’s documentation shows: own-produced Documentations on the same place on Thursday evening will receive only 136’000 per issue, shipments from the series “SRF bi de Lüt” from Friday night – including the Wall show “Wonderland” by audience favorite Nik Hartmann (46) – only 114 000 Swiss francs.

SRF is defending Moser’s quarter of a million

But why is nature-man Moser at the Leutschenbach so close to the (money-)source? “The production of animal films is generally very demanding as shooting with animals in the wild can be difficult to planned,” defended speaker Andrea Di Meo on the VIEW request, the generous Budget of the TV-biologists. It lies in the nature of, the cost of pet films can be higher. According to SRF, the multi-award-winning broadcast series is produced in an international comparison, but “significantly cheaper” as it is called.

32 years for SRF, stable ratings

Nevertheless, Andreas Moser enjoys thanks to its thirty years in the service of the “network nature” of something like legend status at the SRF. He was previously, since 1987, in the case of other functions for the transmitter. Colleagues praise, Moser was also engaged beyond normal working hours. And, not least, the Basel, carries an honorary doctorate from the University of Zurich, also has a very loyal audience: The market share of his mission was in the last years is stable at around 23 percent.

presenter and filmmaker Moser was reaching for. Whether he’s filming on a Meadow sequences for his next show? It goes on 23. May the dwindling diversity of butterflies and birds.