Nicole Berchtold (40) treat yourself to a little summer-break of the “Glanz & Gloria”. She spends together with her husband Lars Leuenberger (44), and their sons, Luis Paul (7) and Milo (3) in Italy on the beach.

But really from Berne can not relax in the family vacation. Another visitor excited their displeasure. So much So that she puts him in Instagram in the pillory.

“The summer has not posted only lovely pages”

On Monday a picture in your Instagram Story. To see an overweight man sitting with a low slung swim trunks, a towel and be Maurerdekolleté presented. Behind him, empty of beer are lined up bottles. Nicole Berchtolds words: “The summer has not only beautiful pages.”

the body-shaming Is? The SRF-wife says to “”, that it was the body of the man. “In my family vacation, I noticed that there are always a lot of alcohol on the beach is consumed.” The you bother. Further, the presenter says: “I found that this is a less beautiful side of the summer. And wanted to say with this Meme on it.” (euc)