The sit: the “Club”-presenter Barbara Lüthi (45) defends himself against the accusations of Gay on your yesterday’s show. The gay organisation Pink Cross had gay in the “Club” on the topic “”Full on” – What are you allowed to say?”, the Complainant States that the SRF had failed, a representative of the national roof associations invite, which would have been a representative voice of all Gays. Proposals to competent guests had been ignored by the “Club”-editorial in addition, all of them said Pink-Cross-business head of the Roman Heggli (28) to VIEW.

Pink Cross had been worn with the one-player bill

Now presenter Barbara Lüthi talks. “We have searched both through the Pink Cross of appropriate guests, as well as people requested. And then someone decided that we have requested. In this case, Dominique Rinderknecht. It is a sympathy winner and also media drive”, says Lüthi. And adds: “This is not a TV discussion is important. Even if it is not a classical interest representative, she has represented the concerns of the LGBT Community rhetorically strong and with a lot of commitment.”

This was the Important, the presenter continued: “these concerns are represented in the show, and not that the Association is represented. In addition, we have worn with a one-player, the attitude of Pink Cross.”

quotas-charge can Lüthi does not apply

The non-consideration as a guest in the show have criticised her Pink-Cross-business head of the Roman Heggli after the show via e-Mail. But not only: “He congratulated me on a good discussion,” said Lüthi. The “Club”editors would continue to remain in good contact with the Association.

do Not apply the Club head makes the accusation, you would select the guests according to the quota. “I would clearly disagree with you, I never said so. However, we have made the experience, that well-known personalities can help the interest in a topic that is in the interests of all.” (wyt)