“Houston. Here, the base of tranquility is. The eagle has landed.” So Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) announced on 20. July 1969 at 20.17 PM, that he and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin (89) landed the first men on the moon. As Armstrong climbed hours later, the top rungs of the Landemonduls “Eagle”, he spoke the now famous words: “One small step for man, one large leap for mankind.”

A tremendous Step for the Apollo 11 Mission and for television: Around 600 million spectators waited in the world in front of the screens – as many as never before! The emerging Swiss TV put deep stuff: months everything was played by – of the perfect landing to a possible crash. Representatives of science and culture pursued in the former Studio Bellerive in Zurich’s Seefeld, up in the Morning in the spectacle. In a smaller Studio, the then 25-year-old mathematician Bruno Stanek (75), and Moderator Charles Raeder village (84) provided a lot of additional information. The show was – no doubt – a document of the time. One of unimaginable value.

A time a document of unimaginable value is gone

Many viewers would have wished for SRF repeats the original transfer from Saturday to Sunday 1:1 – as of the TV channel ARD-alpha made with German Material. SRF had to be content with the broadcast of the film “Apollo 13” and purchased documentaries. Reason: The original material of the later Apollo missions – was destroyed. “The recording tapes were very expensive then, which is why the Band with the self-production broadcast of the moon landing later on it was re-dubbed,” confirms an SRF spokesperson.

A roll actually tasted 4300 francs. TV Director Max Sieber (76), then station Manager of the moon landing, explains: “The tapes were large and weighed more than eight pounds. So they needed a lot of space. Every autumn came the command of the Director, to delete as many of these bands.” For Moderator Raeder village is an “immense damage”. Literally, he says: “Here is an important cultural property was destroyed. The younger Generation knows about the moon landing hardly even know. It is also anyone would, finally, Yes, in the sense to banish the battle of Morgarten from the archives,” he says, shaking his head.

“, All looked at only in the future,”

The destruction of old consignments is a fundamental Problem. In the early days of television, most programs were not archived at all, and later only the important. Pre-recorded tapes were simply erased by new recordings. “The then young television was as a Medium of the moment. All looked only to the future,” says Max Sieber.

is gone As well, the ORF of the over 28 hours of continuous live transmission of the moon landing. Produced in a temporary Studio in the former monkey stables of Empress Maria Theresia in Vienna-Schönbrunn, were transferred to the tapes later with skiing footage. Happen to 19 minutes are just at the end of a tape received. In the case of the BBC, everything is gone. The deletion of the recordings, there is a Wikipedia entry. There is a persistent rumor that the British sacrificed their documentary treasures for the benefit of horse racing holds.

“Teleboy”shows are gone

The delete orgies were in Switzerland, not only the moon landing, but also other street sweeper, the 2012 late TV legend Kurt Felix (†71) recalled: “I was one of these zero-checkers, who did from Sparwut the senseless destruction actions, and a stamped five-ten “Teleboy”shows, and was praised for this bullshit from the entertainment boss.”