It would have been a document of unimaginable value: The Swiss television deleted in a clean-up action, the special programme for the lunar landing, the on Saturday to the 50. It is so very sad. It is impossible, therefore, coverage at the time of the mathematician Bruno Stanek (75), and Moderator Charles Raeder village (84) once more to look at. “The recording tapes were very expensive then, which is why the Band with the self-production broadcast of the moon landing later on it was re-dubbed,” confirms an SRF spokesperson yesterday, the Sunday views.

But the special broadcast for the Apollo 11 Mission is not an isolated case, white TV legend Max Sieber (76), with the moon landing reporting station Manager and also the “Teleboy” produced: “Of “Teleboy” today, only three out of 36 episodes archived, only a few one-player are still to be found.” The legendary Saturday evening show brought the Swiss television again and again, rate records, including the two-million viewers, its highest ever, as measured by audience share of the story.

“It’s similar to a crime”

the recordings of most of the live entertainment shows from the beginning of broadcasting until the mid – ‘ 80s, including all of the shows of the cabaret César “Cés” Keiser (1925-2007) had been destroyed, Sieber more. This was common and nobody been examined. “In retrospect, it’s similar to a crime.”

In the autumn, a statement from the Director of television, in the archive space was most often used. So the old recording tapes, which required a lot of space, eight kilos and 4300 Swiss francs were cost, transferred. “The number of unreported cases is high. Until the mid-eighties, a large part of the Swiss TV story disappeared.” Only with the introduction of the video cassette, there was a simpler and cheaper method of Archiving.

Kurt Felix dubbed its broadcasts

Even “Teleboy”-presenter Kurt Felix (1941-2012) has been involved in the cleanup, as he once said in an Interview: “I was one of these zero-checkers, who did from Sparwut the senseless destruction actions, and a stamped five-ten “Teleboy”shows, and was praised for this bullshit from the entertainment boss.”

After all, a number of other channels struggled with the place of intensive archival work. In addition to the Swiss television, the British BBC and the Austrian ORF has transferred the consignment to the moon landing. Sieber thoughtfully: “books would throw away to the right, no one, items were simply destroyed. A pity.”