you have turbulent times behind them: For exactly two years, the SRF-emigrants Yasmine (43) and Max Hensler (49) “up and away”, in Swedish Lapland and experience in their home of choice, a roller-coaster of emotions.

At the beginning of the entrepreneurs from Einsiedeln, SZ, suffered from the old country “brought to” Burnout, as he said a year ago compared to VIEW. “It was hard for all of us, he had no nerves, it was very quiet,” recalls Yasmine. Mäx adds: “At the end, I couldn’t even more, in the Morning to get up.”

Burnout’m never going quite over

by Now he’s much better, says the former operator of a consulting company today. Along with wife Yasmine, he leads in the North of Sweden near the border to Finland, the “Norrsken Lodge”. “The nature gives a lot of energy, makes the heart laugh and delights the soul,” he says. Less would not work. Their days were long, lasting rare 6 o’clock in the morning until midnight.

in Addition to the childcare and all the office work, the Couple does the shopping for yourself and the guests at the Lodge, prepares the tours, heats up the Hot Tub for the evening and cooking on the road for the tourists. You would approach this but with a lot more passion than in their previous Jobs in Switzerland. “This creates a lot of positive energy and, above all, satisfaction.”

it was over a Burnout will not go, however, Hensler. “The unpleasant accompanying depression will accompany me. However, these are not as often and in a much less strong effect than it was then. Also, I’ve learned to deal with it.”

Due to unimportant Details and quarreled

However, the construction work of the Lodge you asked annoyed as a Couple. “The Marital crisis at the end of the first year, we are almost broken, it was terrible,” recalls Mäx thoughtful. To be the problems, it came because they would not both come from the restaurant sector. “Everything that we have tackled in the first year, it was virtually the first Time. It was exciting, instructive, but also very stressful, and I wanted to implement as much as possible, in order to prove that my Burnout is over. The many overwhelmed,” says Hensler, who had himself and his family from a team of the SRF accompany. To do this, he says: “The TV footage were in this Situation, also not very easy and against the end of an additional challenge.”

The result: Yasmine and he had become dissatisfied, and would have been annoyed about unimportant Details and arguments. “In retrospect, totally unnecessary. This has taken a lot of energy,” he says, looking back. Among other things, thanks to their children, Janne (6) and Kimi (3), as well as your family, you would have gotten the curve, but then again. “You have reminded us of why we migrated and which values are important to you now.”

Even more important was the fact that you were reminded why you love your Partner, and what makes him the person you wanted to be old. “Many of the value-free calls and busy building trust was the basis for the return to a strong relationship, which we must now live with it every day,” he says.

The Swedes are sometimes unreliable

Only the everyday life in Sweden, makes the Pair, as before, to establish from time to time. “The idea of Switzerland is unique. Here you know the not in this extent. It is difficult, because appointments are not adhered to, you will get no answers, or simply forgotten,” says Hensler. “Everything takes a little longer. We are going to get used to us.”

The beautiful side of life would you compensate but adds wife Yasmine. “To see that the children are happy. And then this Northern lights, which are each Time is breathtaking,” she says. A lot of also give them the fact that it would please your guests. “We often lead you to hidden places, where the polar circle region an even better experience. If we look into the cheerful faces, we know that it’s worth it.” Your old home you would miss so much. “Only the carnival, Cervelats, the land hunter and the reliability of the Switzerland missing to us sometimes,” says Hensler.