Gay viewers nervous about the yesterday’s SRF”Club” on the topic of “”gay” – What are you allowed to say?” with Barbara Lüthi (45). Reason: “Unfortunately, the SRF has failed to Swiss Radio and television, a representative of the national roof associations invite”, upset the gay organisation Pink Cross on Facebook. “The umbrella associations to represent the Community and fight for the urgent protection from Discrimination. We find it a shame that our representative voice is not recorded.” Other gay Facebook User, find SRF “just embarrassing” is the name of yesterday’s show “Bullshit”.

Luthi rejected all the proposals of Pink Cross, from

To VIEW Pink-Cross-business head of the Roman Heggli (28) explains why the SRF-wife, Barbara, Lüthi on the palm. “The umbrella organisations of several Thousand people represented in Switzerland, we are also strong in the subject,” he says. Particularly annoyed you, because you stood with Lüthi in advance of the shipment, even in contact and your suggestions for competent talk, guests would have been made. However, these proposals have rejected them all – and presenter Dominique Rinderknecht (29) invited.

“Barbara Lüthi told us, you need a face-of-quota”, so Heggli. “I think for a society to have political show, such as the “Club” very bad.” As the sole representative of the Ex-Miss Switzerland not have enough for this topic. Nevertheless, he gives her good marks: “Rinderknecht has been very discussed, but an additional representation of the associations would have been mandatory.”

“line of reasoning, the opponent used”

pushed open sour many Gays, however, is how the show was advertised. “SRF is used with the title: “”Full gay” – What are you allowed on the question or the reasoning of the opponents say?” exactly,” says Heggli. “However, the Anti-racism criminal standard, not just about what you say, but how we deal as a society with homophobia. But that was during the whole of the shipment never made it.”

The broadcast was a missed opportunity, the theme really objectively deal with, says Heggli. (wyt)