He is the shining mountain Fox from the SRF-Bestseller “cottage stories”: 569’000 spectators (as much as 40 per cent market share) followed last week, curious to see how the URI Toni includes working for is holding his lake cabin to 2370 metres above sea level in the shot. Where does a 70-Year-old only the power and water lines from snow, to dig free, to scrub floors and to equip kilos of vegetable Soup? “I can climb as before, but now I plague me as a Young for the cottage,” says the mountain guide, whose eyes are like the mountain lights of the crystals. The Job he was doing not because of the money, “just for Fun”.

Barbara helps in the hut – Mary in the valley

the force two women to give him in life: A help to him at the top of the hut – the other he has at the bottom of the valley. “It was an incision, as my wife Maria after an accident is no more “obsi” could come,” he says. But then he had found in Barbara (64) someone, the hostel is a blessing for the alpine. Barbara takes care of the administrative stuff, cooks and cleans. “In the time that it attracts 70 beds, I can do just three, I can shovel better snow,” says Toni, laughing. Barbara can feel a depth bond with the Alpine world. She worked as a cabin maid at his wife.

Twice a week, Toni’s Hiking with his German shepherd Zeus down to Flüelen UR and his wife, Maria. Five years ago, she had fallen on a hike 400 meters of a cliff, pulled the weight back and head injuries. “According to the emergency situations, she said to me: You have to back up!”

Toni and Mary to create> more space

Now it comes, the cultivation set-up. “I like it when it is nice and cozy,” says Barbara. Important for Toni, the Container survives in winter storms. How the new home looks like and how to do it for Toni, and the two women, we learn today (SRF 1, 20.05 PM).