IMAGE: Mr Schwabl, the Corona-crisis the big financial problems of the 3. League dramatically. 14 out of 20 clubs have registered to work. What is with Haching?

Manfred Schwabl (53), President of SpVgg Unterhaching: “we are not swimming in money, is clear. But the IPO gives us a bit of air. We will apply for our professionals, therefore, in this season, no short-time work. Since other sectors have priority with larger Concerns. We do it for our other employees, I don’t want to exclude.“

IMAGE: Haching does not build on external aid?

Schwabl: “of Course, we of some of the decisions of the DFB-dependent. But the Treasurer has clearly said that the Association is also bound by legal and tax reasons, the hands. With deadlines at the time of licensing, and the like, they will support us, but probably not in monetary terms. We need to ask ourselves as clubs on their own two feet.“