joy and sorrow are at the indoor Championships in Glasgow (Scho) close to each other. While Léa Sprunger to your 400-Meter race and the gold medal to pick up, needs to Sprinter Mujinga Kambundji with a 5. Space life – about 60 meters, you missed the longed-for precious metal.
Sprunger is as in the heats the fastest. However, you have to run in the final year of world best time (51,61 seconds) to achieve victory.

Because Mbongo Bolingo from Belgium makes her on the last Straight, hell hot, to Sprunger and looks like the winner. However, the Vaud countries to tap but once again, the last reserves of energy and rushes forward with a hundredth of a lead over the finish line. Phew, that was close!

The more satisfied the 28-Year-old, that it was enough. “I don’t have much indoor experience. The happier I am that I won. It’s crazy.” She was one of the oldest athlete to have been in the Final – and that is exactly what you’ve used to your advantage, Sprunger. “It was not my first Final. I like it, me in the hall for the open air season to prepare. I do actually, just for the Fun of it – the more beautiful it is, if it ends like this”, so the hurdles specialist.

the second major medal hope, Mujinga Kambundji, increases in the Final. As Sprunger. But: For a medal your 7,16 seconds are not enough. Bitter: The victory of the local player Ewa Swoboda (Pol) in the absence of Kambundji only two hundredths of a second on silver. Sounds like little, but is in a 60-Meter Sprint quite a lot. Ajla del Ponte (7,30) will be the Eighth and last.

In the pole vault, missed Angelica Moser in the Final, about 800 meters Selina Büchel fails in the semi-final. (may)