“We want to be world market leader in two fields.” From the area of Marketing Media to divide the medium to long term. This includes business models, funded primarily by advertising customers. “It’s not about a radical change in strategy.”

Springer’s digital business controls 71 percent of the revenue and 84 percent of the profit. Especially in Job, real estate and car portals the group intends to invest in 2019, a medium two-digit million Euro amount. The editor of “image” and “world”, however, will be covered to the interest in the classifieds business, Ebay. To do this, he could not comment, said the responsible Executive Board member Andreas Wiele.

however, He stressed: “of Course we would have opportunities to continue to grow through acquisitions in the section offered in the Jobs and real estate, in principle, very happy to see this.” So far you got in the digital business through internal growth and Acquisitions. Yet to be decided, whether the Assets of Ebay are actually for sale. CFO Julian Deutz, supplemented, especially in the business of digital journalism and Internet portals to plan acquisitions.

The business magazine “Capital” reported recently, the group solders variants for the purchase of the Ebay Classifieds Group (ECG). The Americans have announced in the beginning of March, to check its structure. In Germany known primarily for Ebay classifieds and the car portal mobile.de. Interest in mobile.de has already indicated the view of the portal operator Scout24.

Döpfner was optimistic. “What sounds megalomaniac, is not so unattainable.” One of the largest digital publishing house in Europe. Should be close, however, two big players in the market, then you would miss the target to be world number one. “But at the Moment it is achievable.” Therefore, growth is still more in focus.

With a view to Marketing services (Marketing, Media) referred Döpfner to the fact that they had already separated from the aufeminin group. The price comparison portals and Idealo Ladenzeile.de be launched thanks to direct purchasing possibilities of the year successfully. The platforms will in future cooperate more closely with the digital journalist. If there is a product or a service in a Text will be called, should there be a Link to Idealo. For the consumer portal of Bonial (Kaufda) will you find “a solution,” said Döpfner.

At the top of the control panel of the media Manager and former Springer Executive, Ralph Büchi replaces the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Giuseppe Vita. The 83-year-old Italian was, since 2001, member of the Supervisory Board and, since 2002, its Chairman. In addition, the group gives itself a new Corporate Design and provides freedom as a core brand in the focus.