Spring 2020 in the capital became the most rainy for all history of meteorological observations. This was stated by chief specialist of the Moscow weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova.

According to her, in may, precipitation in the amount of three monthly norms. On the last day of spring was recorded 34 mm rainfall, which was also a record for more than 40 years. The previous one was installed in 1977 when dropped 22.5 mm.

In total, over the three spring months the amount of precipitation in Moscow exceeded 240 mm. the Previous record was set in 2013, when weather forecasters have attributed to large amount of snow.

So the wettest may and the rainy spring — quoted meteorologist RIA Novosti.

Earlier wrote that in the suburbs due to heavy rainfall occurred, flooding about 100 garden plots, and 15 country houses in five cities. In their liquidation had involved about 120 people and 43 units of equipment.