Finally, it is again time for open shoes and light clothes. But what attracts you, when the Bikini season has not started yet? About how in the past year, basket bags popular accessories, or are there new Alternatives? Whether Past or New, show the following spring Trends.

Yee-haw, it’s in the West

As I have already done some of the fashion bloggers with their Outfits at the Fashion Week have shown, are Cowboy Boots at the moment, the absolute Renner. Especially now that the sun’s rays out blink, we will be with fringe, Boots and Jeans to stylish Cowgirls.

peasant look? Of due!

bib and brace overalls, we situate more on the farm – but beware: this spring Latzkleider keep conscious in the wardrobes of Fashion. With a cool Shirt underneath for a casual Look. On the beach tuts then even a simple Bikini.

Yellow as a Daffodil

Suitable for the Daffodil that blooms in spring bright yellow, to be worn in this color shoes and sunglasses. In the case of the sun-Cat-Eye eyeglasses currently Look or geometric glasses asked. Daffodils yellow shoes you are wearing in the Form of sandals, Slippers and mules.

Speaking of Slippers

If we are already in Slippers: The walk-the Highlight of the season. Of course, all in the elegant and trendy frames, because on the Form it comes in. We wear pointy or square – rounded once and should better be deep, stowed away in the basement.

Yes, the bin bags stay

last year, we loved them, and this year, the basket bags are back in front. You scream for summer, sun and beach and are at the same time a true eye-catcher. It is also particularly convenient that this year are not only fashionable small round, but also to the angular models. These can be neatly filling and are perfect for a trip to the lake.

Batik is back

The Hippie Trend is back: Batik-patterns are back in the race. Whether pink, blue, green, or yellow – the main thing is, it is color comes into play. But above all, you can use this Trend in the summer, because in the Batik-Bikini-Look, it makes a particularly striking good figure.

Still pedaled!

Like last year, are medium-long Cycling trousers are still fashionable. However, the Trend has been worn so far, especially from street style Stars, although he is also with a chic Blazer for everyday use. So: courage is doing well in the Cycling shorts!