There are men who have positive experiences with Sprays or creams that have a numbing effect. The disadvantage of these products is that they mask the Symptom, but the cause is not really tackled.

men, coming early, being overwhelmed in the Sex of your sensations. Not you, but “it” comes in an uncontrolled manner. To be able to for a long time, the victims learn to feel more, rather than less, even if this task occurs only once, strange. But the control over the orgasm comes away from “it” to me.

The effects of the drugs, mentioned by your doctor, most men are not crazy strong. So you’ve also compared this Option more, if you’re doing a sensation training. To feel you and your body better, for the benefit of the whole of your sexuality. It promotes the enjoyment and is also a good investment in your sexuality in old age.

Ideally, you will learn the techniques, to feel more, in a sex advice. You can, however, already on your own in the self-satisfaction of your body. Look, how it feels, if you snack less or not at all stimulating in the first place. Can you perceive how your arousal drops then? If you develop a feeling for the Rise and fall of arousal, then that is the first step to control this later.

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