On Tuesday, the DFL-the Bureau announced that the Bundesliga until at least 30. April will pause. The decision of the General meeting must on may 31. March, although yet to be confirmed, however, he is considered to be safe.

the competition, then it Should be resumed, the game plan, and the associated burden for the professionals is enormous. A total of eight Bundesliga would still be game-day, two-Cup round, to complete up to six games in the Champions League and Europa League and relegation games.

to Create Bundesliga players, with a 3-day rhythm?

Due to the temporal shortage of games in the Three-day rhythm would be to practice. But to do this for the pros physically at all? Sports medicine physician Dr. Michael Lehnert was the team doctor of women’s team of VfL Wolfsburg and clarifies in an Interview with Sport1.

“From a sports medical point of view, I have no doubts that the game operation can be easily resumed, even if we have a virtually permanent English weeks,” said the doctor.

should not, However, increase the game rhythm, because then it could be muscle and ligament injuries. The Clubs are Lehnert three essential pieces of advice to survive periods of intense stress in the best way possible.

1. The rotation principle

in order To avoid injuries, make the most of the rotation principle, the Sense. The squad of the Bundesliga-clubs are correspondingly large, in order to reduce the burden on each Individual.

“The clubs have a large enough squad to be reasonable through change. Thus, there is a quality shift in the games, the clubs must consist of sports medicine and sporting point of view, clear priorities,” says Lehnert.

This could also result in crucial Games is also a supposed “bench players” were increasingly used.

2. The Regeneration is essential

The medical departments should be aware of, according to Lehnert to set a high value on the recovery of the players, then the physical strain would have been perfectly feasible.

“the support of The players in the game phases so optimally. In the medical departments of the clubs so many physiotherapists work. You should take care of the trunk and leg muscles. This is for example known measures, such as Eistonne, massages and electro-therapy,” says Lehnert. imago images / Herbert Bucco is A frequently seen means of Regeneration: the Eistonne

3. Training design customize

Due to the expected high load, the exercise intensity of the physical characteristics should be significantly less.

“In the training design, we must not make the mistake to try during this high load, muscular, or conditional units, which challenge the body even more,” explains sports physician: “In such weeks should be a lot of value on forms of play instead of Sprints and conditioning,” says Lehnert at Sport1.

The current Pause offers professionals a perfect location, on a possible intense season Finale to prepare.

“The Injury is more susceptible to breaks often lower, because the musculature is not exposed to the permanent competition mode. The players can take care of the things that you have neglected otherwise. Due to the lack of game exposure, especially the individual Training, the player can concentrate more on their weak points,” explains Lehnert: “a Certain muscular weaknesses can be a lot of balanced and also injury resistant are made.”

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