We all have it in our room, but even outside of sports and the government to do. Even if there were, the last few days a lot of uncertainty as to how long we should exercise, and how much our walking, running, or cycling may be. The police also asked for specific guidance. The world of Sport and Veterinary (SKA), and Healthy Sports in Flanders (INCLUDED), have, therefore, prepared an opinion that clearly should be worried.

as for The government, then paste it today, still no number on how far away you can go for a walk, run or bike ride. In other words there is no maximum distance from your home. But that makes for confusion. So, SKA, punk, and INCLUDED a recommendation: you can walk or ride a loop from home. “If you Plan your trip so that you have a problem and are always at home in an hour you can get”, what it sounds like. In the case of, for example, materiaalpech, or a crash, the chance that you have of the situation, either alone or with the help of the household members can solve, the greater you will get closer to the house. You do not need to rely on a third party or the emergency services will not be blocked and will cause no additional risk of infection. In our own region, do you know the way, and the traffic is also better, and you can always take a shorter route towards home.”

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In this way, the organizations reduce the risk that the government will have a maximum should be imposed. “The lusmethode will give riders the chance to have a good trip to the ‘land, region’. The loop does not even have to be long to be his four tours of, for example, 20 km away, are safer to use than the one from the 80’s.”

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