Get Fit & Healthy for the Sport, Flanders has noted, there is an urgent need for scientifically based information about healthy exercise and movement during this coronacrisis. Therefore, they wrote, along with a variety of scientists in an open letter to the people in order to make it clearer.

We are currently swamped with information relating to the corona, and including a lot of sports, and beweegtips. They see in Sport in Flanders have two negative effects: on the one hand, a lot of people have a fear of is still out as to whether the effort to move and she didn’t. On the other hand, a lot of people, the more they will see this as an opportunity to have a lot more to go to the gym, something that is certainly not the intention. Therefore, they took to the Sport in Flanders, together with a group of scholars of the initiative (see the full list of the experts you’ll find at the bottom) to open to the public to subscribe in order to get it right.

in An open letter to the public:

We are all special times. Currently, all of the recreational, sporting and cultural activities, both public and private, are prohibited, regardless of their size. It’s going to be an express prohibition, which means that sports clubs and other sports organisations, as well as individual citizens, not a sport, more able to organize or facilitate.

in Sports it is recommended to use

< / i>, A prohibition on the activity does not mean that people are no longer able to move or exercise. on the contrary, the National Security council, indicate that physical activity as an individual or as a member of the household or a friend) are allowed and even recommended.

< / i> in the Meantime, there are a lot of people in sports, thanks in part to the better weather. In a variety of channels and social media initiatives that are work-outs, exercises, tips, and tricks of all kinds are on offer. That is welcomed, as long as everything is in a more responsible way.
What are some of the basic rules in order to play sports?

< / i> With this letter we want from the science, to give to the sport, and move it is best to take into account.

First of all, if you want to go to the gym, remember to be sure of the following:

< / i> People who have a runny nose, have, sneeze, cough, or fever, make, may, not sports, and should as far as possible in isolation uitzieken;

< / i> People who are still together, with a roommate, or a friend, in sports, and are only allowed to have their own equipment (e.g. rackets, palette, towel, drinkbus), and must be at least 1.5 m away.

• also, keep in mind the basic rules for hygiene, do not: wash your hands (before and after your workout), use a paper tissue if you sneeze, cough or blow, and immediately disposed of in a secure trash can, and you ellenboogplooi to use if you have a cough or a sneeze, and you do not seem to be touch and hold hands, kisses, or hugs to give. Yes, of course.

< / i> Today, you can be sure in your own house, play sports, or move indoors, in the garden or in a courtyard. There are lots of possibilities, and there will be online every day at:

• Practice with the equipment you will have a piece of equipment, such as a home trainer (ergometer), a treadmill, an elliptical, trampoline, or rowing machine, you will be able to make use of it. Building exercises are always slow, especially if you’re device is not in use. Exercises that use your own body weight, and of which only one sheet is used, or a very simple equipment like a ball or an elastic band, are safer to use than the exercises with external weights.

< / i> Exercises without equipment, yoga, core stability exercises, jump rope, stepping, or other, work out and, if necessary, with the assistance of a video, YouTube or other tools. Please be sure to put yourself in the mind of the instruction(the video) and you have no business doing that is in breach of the Corona and regulations (such as the touch or exercise 3 or more). We have had a number of good examples put together to form
Think about your own immunity, that sport will not be too long or too hard to use

< / i>, Who comes in contact with the virus, you will need to rely on his or her own immune system. This is where sports has a role, and particularly to the type of sport you are doing, because the science shows that immunity are associated with health, exercise and sports.

We’ll show you the most important information and guidelines with you.

< / i>, As is the relationship between exercise or physical activity, on the one hand, and the risk of infection, on the other hand, is shown by the the “J-curve”.