at the end of March, a promotional issue of SPIKING the News was sent to all schools in the German part of Switzerland and 20’000 households. The Feedback was positive – both young people and parents, teachers, media professionals and children’s organisations can look forward to the Start of a weekly newspaper for young people.

Since the 3. May it is now so far: the Weekly newspaper SPIKING News appears under the Künzler Bachmann Verlag. Planned 30 issues per year subscription price of 147 Swiss francs. The aim of the publisher is to promote the leaf in children and adolescents between 10 and 15 years to read for pleasure. In addition, you want to increase interest in politics and world events with the boys. The topics are prepared in such a way that even the youngest of readers to feel and be overwhelmed. The content will be taught an age-appropriate manner. To make opinions, or to disseminate, trying to avoid the publisher.

“The print product is of extraordinary value”

the weekly newspaper to arrive for the Young well, to confirm the initial reactions. So Jürgen germ, Unicef Switzerland and Liechtenstein-and-white to estimate SPIKING News: “We believe that the print product as an exceptionally valuable contribution for children and young people in Switzerland, to inform them adequately about current topics, events, and world events.”

the focus of The publishing house sets on current events of national and international significance. Care is taken to ensure that the area of interest of the young people will be taken.

, headings

The publisher targets on different headings, in which the readers can make a contribution. In cooperation with the Swiss Post, for example, the item “writing workshop”, where school classes get the opportunity to work on a topic independently and to publish this in the Form of a double-sided article.

Also, Swisscom. In the section “media competence” is trying to convey to the safe handling of the digital media or the detection of Fake News.