Spend more than they earned: the number of regions with the budget deficit has doubled

Not all regions are able to maintain a balance between expenses and income. The number of regions expenditures excess of revenue, doubled in the end of 2019.

According to the Finance Ministry, in the year 2019 marked the 35 regions with the budget deficit, and the year before was 15. Total deficit of 35 regions reached 233 billion rubles. Consequently, the share of regions with unbalanced budgets increased from 17 percent to 40 percent. Other subjects of the Russian Federation coped with balancing the budget and not spend more than earned.

Leads in the deficit of the budget of the Moscow area — 74,4 billion (9.1 percent of total costs). Further – Moscow from 53.3 billion rubles (about 2 percent). But these regions also lead in terms of income – they account for about 20 percent of the income of budgets of all regions.

Authorities in 2020 will receive 39.4 billion rubles to balance the regional budgets, told RBC. This will help to rectify the situation.