Specialist in Russian Philology from Transnistria Through Russia on our land are not at war

the Teacher has chosen an essay topic closer in time than the Great Patriotic war, but no less important for the historical memory of his people war.

“in class On “War and peace” Tolstoy, the students said that they had heard about the war. And thank God that he only heard – says the teacher. – When I started to explain that our land was the Transnistrian war, one disciple decided that it was a military conflict that lasted long. Then I explained that it was a war, not a conflict that killed defenseless people.”

Sergei Troyanovsky shared with the tenth-personal and this is even more terrible memories: “can’t forget, how was walking home from school and saw that from under the dilapidated house, the gathered people were trying someone out. Coming closer, they considered only the handle of the child. He was dead, but the consciousness didn’t want to accept this reality. Then killed his mother, and his father was declared missing”, – with bitterness says the teacher.

the Story had its effect: the students realized that Transnistria is their native land, washed by the blood of innocent people.

“We want peace for the world, were the words of children, – the teacher says. – I saw from desks stood in school children and adults young men and women willing to stand for the language spoken, for the Motherland”.

Teacher of the Russian language I am sure that thanks to the peacekeepers of the Russian Federation on Transnistrian land at peace. But Russia, in his opinion, is doing a lot for the development of the region.

“Russia gives us a rich Russian language, a strong peacekeeping shoulder on the Dniester and hope for recognition”, – concluded Sergey Troyanovsky.