Specialist in Russian Philology from Tajikistan: My countrymen came to the Reichstag

Seeing this inscription, the teacher remembered the stories about Berlin and the Reichstag his great-uncle, participant of the great Patriotic war from Suchan. She wants to believe that he left his autograph Victory.

Mirzomustaqimov works in “School of professional and continuing education” in Dushanbe, the teacher with great experience teaching “great and mighty” interesting and specialty instructor programs “Business Russian language”.

“It’s very scary when in the country war, people cannot work, children cannot learn,” says his disciples the Russian language, remembering not only the Great Patriotic war, but also events in Tajikistan in the 90-ies of the last century.

Photo: From archive Project “Partisans of Belarus”: a Daring cavalry raids

According to Bibhisana, war opens the real face of the man who bares his soul. “In war, constantly being at the brink of death, people are cleaner, better, they peel off all the crap like the early spring sun – reflects the master. Man, it seems simple, but there will be great trouble, in large and small and awakened in her majestic beauty. But the war always brings misery and destruction, ruins lives”.

As the author writes an essay, Tajiks during the great Patriotic war fought in the two divisions. Just direct part in battles against the Nazis took part 290 thousand people. Tajikistan has become a reliable bridgehead for the evacuation of businesses, medical research and cultural institutions from Ukraine, Belarus and Western regions of the RSFSR, and the Moscow, Leningrad and cities, which became in those years the frontline.

Bibhisana tells the amazing story of the Tajik women who fought. So on account of pilots Ogul Mukhamedzhanova was 93 sorties and wound. She was awarded the order of Lenin. Doctor Sofia muhammedova of his troops reached Dresden.