the Day of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory was supposed to look in a different way. May 9, 2020 was to be the day large nation-wide street access, big the popular festivals, the national unity is not at the level of slogans, but at the level of every house and every yard. Life has made these plans some changes. But, after listening to Putin’s speech at the Eternal flame in the Alexander garden, can with confidence declare that the President was able to find the right words, the right tone, completely appropriate for the current moment. Despite all the known events of the Celebration on may 9 this year still took place. No matter what to fully celebrate it, we can only then in some as yet unknown point in time in the future. This Day of Victory will surely remain in the memory of each of us. The rest of our lives, we will definitely not be confused may 9, 2020 with any other anniversary of this Great Occasion.

to Write the President’s speech to the anniversary of the great Victory is both very simple and incredibly difficult task. Simple – because there’s nothing to invent and nothing to think of. The essence of what this day should say to the leader of the country that defeated fascism “written” in the heart of every ( or almost every) of us. But this is incredible complexity. How to avoid repetitions, the effect of the wash. A similar challenge confronts the President and his speechwriters on the eve of each anniversary of the main holiday of the country. May 9, 2020, this call was particularly strong.

I’m not going to retell the content of the brief speech of Putin. This again is not necessary. To cite just a phrase that I think is the key: “They made for the country so much that it has nothing to measure, nothing to repay.” And I think it is very important not only what was said but what was left over. The President did not devalue the importance of the great feast, pronouncing the word “coronavirus” when referring to the current trials, through which now runs Russia. With all the complexity and even the tragedy of the moment, they are absolutely not comparable with those suffered by our ancestors during the great Patriotic war. This idea,incidentally, is also left unspoken. And it is also absolutely correct. As said Fyodor Tyutchev, “a thought uttered is a lie”. Some floating in the air thoughts do not have to say aloud. Some thoughts are better left unsaid.

near the end of his speech, Putin said: “We will, as usual, widely and solemnly celebrate the anniversary, do it properly, it’s our debt to those who suffered, achieved, and accomplished the Victory.” Simple and obvious words. But how many of them do not even hope and firm promises of the fact that the current clouds rasstayutsya that turn ourtrahn re waiting for a more peaceful and stable future. Putin did not mention any concrete date when we could expect “ our main parade on red square, and the people’s March “Immortal regiment” – the March of our grateful memory and inseparable, vital, living connection between generations.” Now this date is impossible to predict with absolute precision. But I’m still almost physically felt this “blood, inextricably, the living link between” generations. It is such a day, it is such a great Holiday. The celebration that and this, not unlike any other year, the country met with dignity.