Approximately three weeks after the completion of the three-day special session in early may jingle in the Federal house the bells. In the morning the next ordinary Session of the National Council and the Council begins.

Overall, the councils days of this year for 13 weeks. Every single Sessionstag of both chambers will cost around 185’000 Swiss francs, of which CHF 100’000 for Meeting fees. Although the total cost alone for the special session of the national Council in may to around half a Million are savings proposals, of course, not an issue.

Or is it? At least in the case of special sessions of a Parliamentary Initiative will now begin, with Save.

Cause MP over time, are now at risk of bad time

The complex Ratsbetrieb in the Federal house can also be recorded for individual days. According to the rules of the traffic law can be applied to each Council’s special sessions, to Business burdens. “With a degree of discipline with regard to the submission of Initiatives, but above all by the renunciation of talk time, special sessions could be avoided,” says SVP-national Council Andreas Glarner (AG-56).

The Aargauer want to feel to take his fellow councillors to the curb: “The Parliamentarians that they have caused over time and the massive costs have to follow, by making special sessions in the future for free.”

Instead of deals, you will have built up

special sessions since 1992 Tradition. As the Council office of the national Council renounced between 2005 and 2008, three times that it was committed by the councils to, at least once a year to a maximum of one-week special session, if there is advice enough.

for this reason, were of 7. to 9. May three major transactions appear on the agenda, as well as various parliamentary initiatives – where this time is less done as a re-submitted. to eliminate the

this “inefficiency” suggests Glarus, the abolition of the lengthy reports from the commissions in several languages, all of which will be translated simultaneously. For more ideas, he calls in his proposal, in the hope that this will not be dealt with at a special session.