Special report from China: there are indications that the virus will soon be defeated

What is the Chinese perspective on the epidemic of the coronavirus? Specially for “news of the week” — a fresh report of our colleagues from the China Central television.

Ten days, the Chinese government continuously gathers for an emergency meeting on the epidemic situation and adjusts the anti-epidemic work. The standing Committee of the political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held the last meeting on 3 February. The previous was January 25, for the first time in the history of the first day of the New year according to the lunar calendar.

General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Chinese President demanded to ensure the safety of people’s lives and adhere to the instructions of the party Central Committee. XI Jinping stressed that the fight against the epidemic not a concern for doctors and health officials is everyone’s business. He opposed formalism in the work of prevention and called for the punishment of officials who evade responsibility.

Immediately after the statement of the Chinese leader under disciplinary investigation were three officials from the Hubei province for irregularities in the distribution of humanitarian assistance by the regional office of red cross society. Humanitarian aid and medical supplies in Wuhan now deliver under strict control. Also by order of the President XI Jinping to work in the quarantine hospital “Chosenlang” sent 1400 military doctors.

“Chosenlang” is the title of a little-known district in Wuhan, overnight it became a household word. Translated from Chinese it means “mountain of the spirit of fire.” It is this spirit allowed seven thousands of builders to build tysjacheletnego the hospital in the open field for 10 days. The modular hospital is the most modern ventilation system that provides five modes of air pressure depending on type of room. There are intensive care, infection control and radiological diagnosis. Accept difficult patients. For those who have the disease is mild, refitted bover a dozen exhibition centers and sports complexes, increasing the total bed capacity to 10 thousand.

the Amount of recovery for several days exceeds the number of deaths and continues to grow. The treatment takes at least a week, another 14 — day mandatory quarantine. To go home only after two negative tests. Among recovered and two nurses who contracted the coronavirus from their patients in Wuhan. The help they received from military medics. In gratitude, wanted to hug them, but so far, only the bow.

the seaside town of Wenzhou, located 900 kilometers from Wuhan. It is called the “Shoe capital of the country.” Every year they produce a quarter of all shoes in the world. 50 thousand people working and studying in Wuhan, returned to Wenzhou on Chinese New year. As a result, over 340 confirmed cases of infection. Flash trying to stop a restriction on the movement of people. The city administration has transferred from the home to medical quarantine anyone in contact with patients. People were placed in several hotels.

Serious preventive measures are in the capital. So begins every morning in every supermarket of Beijing — thorough disinfection has become an integral part of the workflow. Clean wherever buyers can wait for danger: the cash register, counters, escalators, trolleys for products. Almost all Beijing shopping you can order products online with delivery to the house. Because of the online services are very popular.

However, the business suffers serious losses. Some foreign investors chose to leave China after the first panic messages about the coronavirus. Restaurateur from Guangzhou Rob Turnbull is not shy. His restaurant continues to receive visitors.

“In the early days of the epidemic I was stocked up on water and some products. But two days later overestimated the situation. China’s amazing logistics. This is one of the areas which really works well. Soon we will once again receive fresh vegetables. And the water was never a problem. Electricity, Internet — all this is still available,” said Rob.

the Peak of the epidemic has not yet passed, however, in addition to the increase in the number of recovery there are other signs that China’s struggle will culminate in a quick victory. According to the updated data of the state Committee on Affairs of health, the mortality rate from coronavirus pneumonia in the whole country is 2.1% — that’s two tenths less than two weeks ago. In regions outside of the quarantine zone in Hubei province that it does not exceed two-tenths of a percent of conventional influenza.

Text: “News of the week”