Perhaps it is no coincidence that, of all things, a cabaret in these times says a lot of Truth. “It’s a nightmare,” explains Comedian Florian Schroeder. “Horst Seehofer is responsible for everything that is wrong. He must now take with the decorum of his hat.“ But he did not go easy. Instead, he is currently in full on a ego-trip. “Seehofer’s only goal is to tear Angela Merkel in depth. It is his personal vendetta.“ FOCUS Online

Seehofer live in a nutshell: in a world of his own, and act only in a “non-political” nature. His time in Bavaria, but it is expired, because “the voters in Bavaria, have long been more than the CSU”. The party must make haste to the content of thought, as a conservative party look like today.

the SPD and the CSU refused to answer

“Who needs the Union and the SPD?” had presenter Sandra Maischberger asked provocatively. So they tried to lure you to their Studio guests (at least something) from the Reserve. Because in spite of the historic low point in the CSU, and the worst state election result for the SPD in its history happened in Berlin once nothing: the Federal interior Minister and CSU party leader Seehofer does not think of resignation and the SPD chair Andrea Nahles refers to the upcoming Hessen-choice. Means: Wait and drink tea. The national parties are shrinking, and the party leaders deny responsibility.

“The SPD leadership, it may not”

For simply “dying”, however, considers the SPD veteran Rudolf Dreßler his party in the face of the downturn in the elections and with the leadership of “his” social Democrats hard in the court. “Nahles, Scholz and co. can’t seem to”, is he and his party will discuss the Status of a people’s party. A party that needs to fight at Bayern-a choice beyond the big cities, even the 5-percent barrier, have not earned the designation. Screenshot ARD The round bei maischberger

After the Bayern debacle was for him the worst thing is that the SPD have declared leadership, the SPD had been pressed from the problems between the CSU and the CDU. “This is simple-minded and einfalllos.” Andrea Nahles, the wanted in the Great coalition, have made a mistake. “The renewal of the party was not in government”. The team wanted in the coalition, and am now replaced.

“issues process”

“The parties have to stop now, to philosophize not only about themselves,” says the CDU Bundestag Deputy Philip Amthor. “We need to start issues to work through, we have set out in the coalition agreement.” Staff debates at the present time, the 25-year-old member of the German Bundestag holds to a false Signal. “You can’t reply as a reaction to disappointed voters with personal discussions,” says Amthor. Lost voters would not come back. “The SPD does not feel in the government. But you have to time to do what she has achieved.“ It was an “absurd idea, that you get the approval, it ceases to be a government.”

Grand coalition is at the end of

That the SPD in Bavaria, under ten percent, explained Rudolf Dreßler, the is since 1969 member of the party, even with a lack of prospects for the voters. “A party that was once the people’s party, knows that she has no democratic power prospects, no Chance. This is exactly what happened. With nationwide, 16 percent is not a people’s party.“ From a point of view, the Grand coalition to be according to the Hessen election due to the expected high losses of the government Alliance anyway in the end. Also, the SPD should not set the Social as your brand’s core more on the game and had to return back. Or to say it with cabaret Schroeder: “The SPD needs to be better from the government, the sooner the better. A formula 1 driver is not able to renew his car while he’s driving.“

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