Wasn’t everything legal during the helicopter flight with her son towards Sylt? Ironically, in Christine Lambrecht’s ministry, there are now doubts about the previous presentation.

In connection with the flight of the 21-year-old son of Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD), lawyers at the Defense Ministry have expressed doubts about the legality, according to information from “Business Insider”.

From ministry circles it is said that the case was subsequently examined by the legal department under chief lawyer Jan Stöß – and was rated as critical in a note.

The reasoning: According to the regulations, Lambrecht could have booked a machine for flight readiness either as Minister of Defense or as the holder of command and command authority (IBUK) over the Bundeswehr.

As a minister, however, she would have been relatively far down the list of priorities. The advantage here, however, is that according to the “Guidelines for the use of aircraft by the BMVg to transport people from the political and parliamentary sectors” she could have taken a companion with her – like her son. This is exactly how Lambrecht’s ministry has argued so far.

The problem with it: According to information from “Business Insider”, Lambrecht is said to have ordered the machine as IBUK. That would put her high up on the priority list – but according to Bundeswehr regulations, she couldn’t have taken any private companions with her. At best, one could have taken children along with reference to regulations for a better compatibility of family and work. But on the one hand – according to the opinion of ministry lawyers – it is difficult to argue with a grown child like Lambrecht’s son, on the other hand it is also unclear whether the rules could really have applied to the minister. The “Welt” recently reported similarly.

Nevertheless, Lambrecht has maintained that everything was legally correct. But internally, the house now formulates legal assessments of the case in confidential documents much more cautiously than before.

A parliamentary question from the CDU/CSU defense expert Florian Hahn shows that the cost of visiting the troops is significantly higher than the 261 euros paid. Because while Lambrecht and her son were flying, two vehicles, including bodyguards, drove empty from Berlin the 470 kilometers to Ladelund, where the helicopter had landed. The cost of this is unclear. Lambrecht then drove the vehicles on vacation.

The reason for the flight is that on April 13, Lambrecht attended the cabinet meeting until 12 p.m. and the visit to the troops was scheduled from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. In its reply, the ministry writes: “No other official means of transport or public transport could have provided this as an alternative.” The cabinet meetings are always on Wednesdays and usually last until midday.

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