From may 23 by decree of the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov has resumed the operation of sports facilities in the region. Training base “Spartaka” in tarasivka was given in accordance with the requirements of the CPS and received the necessary permission from the government of the Moscow region to conduct training sessions according to the stated standards.

“Spartacus” will be on the basis of the next few weeks. The training will involve 25 players. Goalkeepers – Timur Akmurzin, Alexander Maksimenko, Artem Popovchenko, Artem Rebrov Aleksandr Selikhov; defenders – Ayrton, Ilya Gaponov, Ilya Golosov (18-year-old left-back called from “Spartak-2”), Georgy Jikia, Andrey Eschenko, Samuel Gigot, Ilya Kutepov, Pavel Maslov and Mykola Stories; Midfielders Roman Zobnin, Alex Kral, Dmitry Markanov, Rezuan of Mirzov, Gus til, Ayaz Guliyev, nail Umyarov and Nikita Bakalyuk; forwards – Jordan Larsson, Ezekiel Ponce and Alexander Sobolev.

isolation is infected with coronavirus midfielder Zelimkhan Bakaev. Monday will be a survey has been ill COVID-19 Zobnin, after which he will be able to get to work in the group.

the Coaching staff red-and-white in the person of the head coach Domenico Tedesco and his assistants – Andreas Hinkel and max Urbanski and footballers Samuel Gigot, Gus Thiel, Alex Kral, and Jordan Larsson is back from Europe and were also PCR test did not reveal any traces coronavirus infection.

They have to go through the self-isolation based in a separate building, and they will not interfere with the rest of the team for two weeks. At this time, teach players to be the coach Mr Casanowicz.