the players of the Moscow “Spartak” will accept the proposal of the President of the Polish club of the first League “Stomil” Wojciech Kowalewski to hold a friendly match in the virtual football on the game console. This was reported by RIA “Novosti” the owner of the red-and-white Leonid Fedun.

“I Think the team would mind to play with them. Let the kids play”, he said.

Earlier, the President “Stomil” and former goalkeeper of “Spartacus” Kovalevsky expressed a desire to hold a friendly match in the virtual football directly against Fedun.

a proposal was made to rival “Stomil” for the next round of the championship of Poland. Those agreed and already played a few games.

the Polish League because of the coronavirus announced the cancellation and postponement to a later date matches 23-25 tours. In 23-m round of the first League players “Stomil” was supposed to play against team “Chrobry” (Głogów), and in the 24th against “Legia” (Warsaw).

virtual football players “Stomil” and “Chrobry” spent three matches in which exchanged victories and one draw.

Meanwhile, Instagram launched a new challenge for the players, spending time at home during the quarantine due to the coronavirus. To do the job, you need to wash your hands and juggle a roll of toilet paper.

Here’s how to cope with it the defender of Juventus FC Matteis de Ligt.

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